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Standard fee is $80 for 30-45 minutes of shoot time, with upto 30 photos. Delivery is the next day, typically by 10am (via Google Drive, Hightail, or Dropbox). Travel fee may also be included if the listing is outside of Carroll County.

Larger homes may need more time and photos and the fee is priced accordingly.

Travel Fees

Travel fee may be reduced at photographer's discretion (for example if other jobs are shot in the area that same day). No travel fee in Carroll County

$5 for distances of 20-25 miles (from photographer's house)

$10-15 for distances of 26-30 miles

$25 for distances of 31-35 miles

$40 for distances of 36-40 miles

$60 for distances of 41-45 miles

$80 for distances of 46-50 miles

$100 for distances of 51 miles

Photo Editing & Delivery

All photos are "cleaned up" as needed to show the rooms and layout of the home as attractively as possible. Please be aware that some Photoshop "fixes" are more time consuming than others and may incur additional fees. **If you have specific requests please share them in advance. Often just by changing the camera angle slightly we can avoid the issue completely!  All photos are color and exposure corrected, cropped and resized as needed. Typically the photographer will shoot more than needed to "cover the bases." Resolution is 2048 x 1365 x 300 unless otherwise requested- large enough for brochure printing and also appropriate for display on the internet and computer monitors.

Web Gallery $20

You get to choose your favorite photos!! Great for those listings that need a "little extra" attention.

Houses that are larger than typical (for example, ranches, farms, commercial properties, and/or houses that have special features) can easily have as many as 40-50 different photographic angles. 

For an extra $20 request a web gallery when scheduling your appointment. The web gallery will be uploaded the evening of the shoot OR the next morning (in lieu of photo delivery).

Take the time you need to select the photos you want for the package you ordered.

***Please consult with photographer in ADVANCE in regard to timelines (allowing 2-3 days for the selection and delivery process).

Referral Policy

Know an agent who would like to use professional photography for their listings? Refer him or her to Izard Photography and receive 50% off on the photos for your next listing!

Business Headshot

Business Portrait

As a thank you to regular clients (5 or more listings a year) Izard Photography is happy to offer individual and group Headshots at a reduced rate. 

Studio sessions are individualized according to client needs, and client has the opportunity to view images prior to selection. No charge for any additional retouching.  Fee is typically $40/individual for one high resolution, professionally retouched image.

Tired of the standard portrait backdrops? Take to the streets with Izard Photography and create a more unique professional image that supports your brand and business philosophy. 

Quality Photography at Reasonable Prices

Scheduling Your Appointment

1) Contact Sue via TEXT or EMAIL for quick response.

2) Note location/town and any preference on day/time of appointment.

Please plan ahead! In the busy season the next booking is often a MINIMUM of 3-4 business days in advance.

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Both Zillow and Trulia now allow for more than 30 photos. The job of the photos is to generate leads. Potential buyers want to know/understand the flow/layout of a house. More photos help create context.

COMING SOON! Video slideshow with text and music

Example VIDEO

 Ask Sue for your FREE pilot video before January 1st!!

These are great for homes that have a lot of extra features, neighborhood amenities, or anything that is a little different from usual.


1) Make sure you request it when you schedule your appointment, so that time can be allowed for the additional editing processes needed.

2) Send Sue the text, color preference and any logo material you may want to have incorporated in advance, i.e. the day of the shoot.

The first video is FREE! Typically the fee will be $40 and include upto 3 min of slideshow video with text and music. It's nice because the video can really enhance the "walk thru" experience of the viewer and as many photos as needed can be added to the video. ALL of the great features of the home can be highlighted!  Some agents are even using UTUBE (Google account) to showcase their listings with videos.

Frequently Asked Questions


The house is gorgeous! But....lots of collectibles

Three little kids and Mom has a lot to do!

Moving to assisted living and needs some extra staging...

If you ever think you might need a little extra time for a shoot- just let me know. Typically the shoot is scheduled for 50 min.  But sometimes.... particularly homes with lots of collectibles and/or staging "needs" the extra 30 min can really make for better photos. The additional fee is only ($15). If we don't use the time, there's no charge. Just give me a heads up so I can adjust my schedule to avoid running late on my next appointment. 

Rainy Day Cancellation Policy

There is a $25 Cancellation Fee if the agent cancels THE DAY OF THE SHOOT (unless extreme weather prohibits travel).

Unsure about the weather? Not sure if the seller will actually be ready for the photo shoot? no problem! Just call/text/e-mail Sue the night before to postphone, reschedule and/or discuss options. (Note: text is best after hours)

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